Pastor Rick Wright's Update

The helmet was a weapon of identity. Have you ever been watching a movie with a dramatic war scene and thought, "How can they distinguish who is on what side?" One way they could do that is by the particular type of helmet. As a believer our identity is hinged on salvation, no matter where a person comes from - their nationality, age, social status - if they are saved that means we are on the same team, wearing the same helmet.

The threat of spiritual warfare abounds through an attack on the mind. Satan and his minions quest to cause spiritual doubts, physical discouragement, and mental depression for every saved person.  The endmost intention being the destruction of your Christian value and impact on this life. Therefore, it is crucial that we as Christians are "Armored with a Helmet" to be secure of our identity in Christ.    

Join us this Sunday at 10 AM for Pastor Rick's Sermon, "Armored with a Helmet."
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