Day 20


Psalm 143

Revival simply means to be restored. It reminds me of a campfire. When the fire appears to have died out on the surface, there is still a small ember waiting to rekindle the flame. It just has to be stoked.

As Christians we face trials, have doubts, and endure spiritual battles. At times our flames of passion begin to fade and our faith is tested. The great news is that in the midst of these challenges, we can turn to God seeking His renewal and strength. As David models for us in Psalm 143, revival begins with a humble cry, acknowledging our need for God's mercy and intervention. Revival also requires us to reflect upon God's faithfulness in our lives, cultivating a longing for Him. We should seek God's guidance, entrusting our lives to His care and surrendering our will to His perfect plan. When we draw near to God, he draws near to us and His presence awakens our spirit.

Let us use David’s words in verse 11 allowing them to ignite a passion for revival within us that we may approach God with a sincere heart, longing for His presence to revive and transform our lives. May we experience the fullness of His love and power as we seek Him in faith.

When life hits you hard and your fire begins to dwindle, get stoked by God and allow Him to rekindle your flame.

By: Derek Randolph
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