Day 18


Psalm 127

“Unless the LORD builds a house, its builders labor over it in vain.”

Each passing year contains trials which lead to a new year filled with fresh desires. The optimism of a new year with new hopes and dreams can take many shapes and forms. Maybe it's a better job or better health, maybe it’s more money or a bigger house. The notion of being successful in material terms is not in and of itself a negative thing, neither is material success outside of the will of God. I’m not here to tell you that God cares nothing about your physical or financial state, because He does care. If you can believe it, He cares more about your physical and financial wellbeing than you do. I’m also not here to tell you that God is your genie in a bottle ready to grant your every material wish at your beck and call.

We serve a God that gives good gifts to his children (Matt. 7:11), and yes, that can mean here and now. If we reference our verse we see that it is the Lord that builds the house. The house doesn’t build itself, and we can’t provide all that we need with our power alone either. All our worldly blessings are gifts of grace from God. The roof over your head, the money in your pocket, the very breath inside your lungs, all gifts from our Maker. He does not revoke all worldly comforts at the moment someone becomes a Christian, and Christians can enjoy worldly comforts as blessings from their generous Father. It is, however, important to always remember to worship the giver and not the gift. Gifts received on this side of eternity are temporary. Treasures on this side of heaven are not what we live for because they will never meet our greatest need.

You don’t need a better job when you understand that it was your savior's job to descend from perfect heaven to an imperfect world as a humble carpenter’s son to save you. You don’t need a bigger house when you understand that your savior said of His time on earth that “foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head” (Matt. 8:20). You don't need more money when you understand that you have everything that you need in Christ. You understand that you don't need better health when you know that your savior died on Calvary, rose from the dead, and promises to raise you to eternal life when your time on earth is done.

All riches, now or later, in absence or in abundance, temporary or eternal, are gifts of grace from our Creator for our good and His glory. It is my prayer for you in 2024 that God would abundantly bless you in meeting your material needs. He has done it before and He can do it again. Just know that if prosperity doesn’t come today, this month, this year, or this lifetime, that your Father in heaven through your Savior Jesus Christ has secured for you an irrevocable place at his table welcoming you as adopted heirs in His kingdom. This is a truth that is greater than all the silver and gold that this world can offer.

By: Eli Alexander
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Carla Moore - January 24th, 2024 at 7:21am

Thank you Eli, that was wonderful!!!





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