Day 19


Psalm 133

I remember a time several years ago, when we took our youth group to a conference called the Ramp. While we were in worship service, several hundred kids were worshipping the Lord, then the worship team stopped the music and all you could hear were the voices of the whole room worshipping the Lord in one accord. There was no direction from anyone, and there was nobody leading a song; it was just hundreds of kids' voices crying out to the Lord in a unity of worship. It was such a beautiful thing, and in that moment, it really taught me the meaning of unity.

As we read in Psalm 133, David tells us how good and pleasant it is for us, as Christians, to dwell together in unity. At CCW, I see the fruits of unity, such as God changing lives every week, God filling our services with His presence, God performing miracles and healings, and so many other wonderful things of God. I think of how most people that come through our doors always say that what attracted them to our church was the love that people show, and this is what David is saying unity should look like. No, we are not perfect, and we all fall short, but I believe that because of the unity at CCW we are seeing God move the way He is.

But, it is more than what is just going on at CCW. Look back and reflect on the revivals that broke out in 2023. Those all started because of the unity in Christian brothers and sisters who were just worshiping the Lord and then God showed up and showed out. There is something special about worshipping and praying to God in unity with brothers and sisters in Christ.

My prayer is for us to strive for unity amongst our Christian brothers and sisters. This might be at work, school, church, or even on social media. With all the things going on in the world, it is time for Christians to be unified in worshiping, seeking, preaching, and praying to the one and only Holy God!! With unity comes revival.

By: Garrett Proper
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