Day 10


Psalm 46

When Pastor Rick gave me a list of words to write about, I struggled with which one I should
choose. As I went back and forth between the words "praise," "unity," and "help," I stopped for a
second and prayed, "Which one, Lord?" He said, "Neither." Instead, He led me to the word "stillness" -
the one I struggle with the most, letting my mind and body be still and listen.

I have a hard time shutting down all the things that are whirling around in my brain each day.
When running a Mother’s Day Out Program, I am always trying to please children, moms, and
teachers. My brain is always searching for the right thing to do and say and then carry out.

As I read Psalm 46, it made me feel so peaceful and still. It tells us to let God give
us strength in the troubles, for He is in the midst of everything. We all know verse 10, "Be still,
and know that I am God." I know this, but sometimes I need to be reminded to be still and listen
with the reverent attention that my God wants from me.  I need to direct my attention towards Him,
so that I may follow His every wish for my life. I have to be still so I can be aware of His divine,
ever-present love in what I do in my job, home, and church.

Being still allows us the time and space to hear God’s voice. We need to find that time
and place where we can be quiet and listen. We will come to know God better through
our God-focused stillness.

By: Anita Hardy
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