Pastor Rick Wright's Update

It appears in the day we live in that there is much confusion as to what is the truth. Turn on your TV to the nightly news and it won't take long to see that there's one thing constant and that is disagreement about truth. Spurgeon once said, "a lie can make it halfway around the world while the truth is still getting its shoes on."  There is a battle raging and on one side you have Jesus, who is the truth, and on the other, Satan, the father of lies.

As we look at the first piece of armor prescribed by Paul for battle, it should serve as no surprise that we are called to armor up with the belt of truth. We will focus on how the belt of truth is at the very center of the armor and serves to hold the rest of our armor together.  Join us this Sunday at 10 AM for Pastor Rick's sermon, "Armored with Truth."
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