CCW Kids Midweek Recap

CCW Kids Midweek Recap!

Session 1: I Can Stand Apart
Bible Story: Daniel and His Friends Obeyed God (Daniel 1)

CCW Kids Families,

This April, we are excited to welcome a new theme, Stand Out. Our Simple Truth this month is,“I Am Set Apart.” We want kids to know that God has set us apart and that we’re different because of Him. Each and every one of us is special and valuable.
In this first week, we looked at the story of Daniel and his friends in Daniel 1. Daniel and three of his friends had to face a difficult decision—disobey God by eating and drinking what the king offered or obey God by refusing. When faced with following the king’s wishes or obeying God, they obeyed God. They chose to stand out and stand apart from everyone around them because they loved God more than anything else.
Think about ways you and your family might stand out and follow God this week. From how you spend your time to how you talk to people, there are plenty of opportunities to stand out for God. Encourage your kids to name one or two more things your family can do this week to stand apart.

Simple Truth: I Am Set Apart
Theme Verse: “For you are a holy people belonging to the LORD your God.” (Deuteronomy 7:6a)
Theme: Stand Out
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