Pastor Rick Wright's Update

The writing on the wall is a very notable, popularized phrase in culture.  The writing on the wall is the title of movies, songs, albums, and books, so what is  all the clamor over this phrase?  The Cambridge dictionary states that it means "there are clear signs or indications that failure is forthcoming."  The actual writing on the wall comes from Daniel 5, it says "Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin" and means that all our actions are examined and our life is scrutinized in just balances. God looks deeper than the surface and weighs our actions based on our heart motives and His standard.

Belshazzar rises to power in Babylon and instead of learning, he, like his predecessors, is living for his own glory and the next  party.  In his heedless administration he is faced with the Hand Of God. Join us this Sunday at 10 AM as we unpack Daniel chapter 5 in Pastor Rick's Sermon entitled "Purpose over Party."
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