Pastor Rick's Blog 02/09/2023

CCW Weekly

This Sunday is going to be unforgettable. We are honored to have the Landreth family share a special testimony of how God has miraculously worked in Eli's story.  It is God's sovereign timing because in our FORWARD study this week, God tells Joshua to have the Israelites build a memorial of stones to celebrate the crossing of the Jordan River. Why? In cases like these we can forget to ascribe glory where it belongs - to God. In the moment, we are aware that it’s of God but as minutes flit away, so often goes our memory - forgetting just who God is and was in big life moments. And, when we forget the things that He’s done, our focus can shift to everything wrong. The issue, of course, is that we forget because we fail to make a memorial; we fail to rewind and revisit the powerful testimony of God's work. This Sunday at 10 AM we are going to be studying Joshua 4, "The Power of a Testimony."  

We will also be hearing from Lifeline Children's Services, an amazing Christian organization that specializes in aiding and equipping people in international and domestic adoption.

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