Pastor Danny Lovett's Weekly Blog 5-1-2021

Pastor Danny Lovett's Weekly Update

 How desperately our generation needs the book of Proverbs! Look at the condition of our world. Look at the condition of our churches. Homes are falling apart. The divorce rate is as high among Christians as it is among unbelievers. Families are in financial bondage. Immorality is everywhere. Far too many people look upon honesty and integrity as virtues of the past.

Proverbs is one of the most practical books in the entire Bible. It addresses every relevant issue in life. If we fail to arm ourselves with the wisdom of this vital book, we do ourselves and our families a great disservice. When we meditate on and apply these vital, valuable truths, we shape our thinking, our behavior, and our lives. This Sunday, we'll jump into this new series in the wisdom book of Proverbs. We continue to make sure that we meet in a super clean, and sanitized building.  Our chairs are spaced apart in family groups, to make being together but separate as comfortable as possible.  Sunday School is available for adults and children.  Find your place at 8:45!  The elementary age children are in Children's Church and the nursery is open.

If you haven't visited CCW, we'd love to have you!  Click on the I'm New Here button below for more information.  You're welcome anytime, but you can also schedule a visit, so we'll be looking for you!

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