Pastor Danny Lovett's Weekly Blog 4/15/2021

Pastor Danny Lovett's Weekly Update

 The Resurrection of Jesus is the most important truth of Christianity.  Come join us as we continue this sermon series about the power of the resurrection!  This Sunday we’ll be in John 20:11-18 to see how the resurrection impacted Mary Magdalene.  She went from desolation to jubilation.  If ever someone loved the Lord Jesus, that would be the testimony of Mary Magdalene. Christ transformed her life. Before she met Christ, she was possessed of seven demons who manifested themselves in all manner of wickedness.  The Lord exorcised them and set her gloriously free.   You don’t want to miss this dynamic story! We are taking great care to make sure that we meet in a super clean, and sanitized building.  Our chairs are spaced apart in family groups, to make being together but separate as comfortable as possible.  Sunday School is available for adults and children.  Find your place at 8:45!  The elementary age children are in Children's Church and the nursery is open.

If you haven't visited CCW, we'd love to have you!  Click on the I'm New Here button below for more information.  You're welcome anytime, but you can also schedule a visit, so we'll be looking for you!

Can't wait to see you Sunday!  He is risen!  He is risen, indeed!  Jesus is Awesome!
Pastor Danny Lovett

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Bruce Freeman - April 19th, 2021 at 6:13pm

Brother Danny you look great pal. It’s definitely been a long time my friend. You probably would remember me from being Eric’s buddy during the open door babtist days. I’ve got a brother named Brian Freeman where we used to come to the old home place in northwood lake and play basketball. Still remember when you were singing up on stage with joe tubbs. One of these daaaaays.. One of these daaays.. We’re going home with Jesus. We’re going home with Jesus. We’re going home with Jesus one of these days!!! Great song. Good to see you and Susan still together preaching the gospel. Hope everyone is doing well. Tell Eric Bruce Freeman said hello. Love you buddy. God bless






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