Pastor Danny Lovett's Weekly Blog 3/26/2021

Pastor Danny Lovett's Weekly Update

 This Sunday we go to Peter's house in Capernaum, see the full story in Mark 2:1-17.  Jesus had just returned after many months of preaching throughout Galilee. The preaching tour lasted about 12 months. He was apparently staying with Peter, and as always the news spread quickly.  The crowds began to gather and flood the house.  Good things always happen when Jesus is in the House!    Don't miss it!  Join us this Sunday morning.  Worship begins at 10 a.m.   After the worship service, we'll be sharing a fellowship meal.  We'll celebrate Palm Sunday and get to know one another better over the dinner table.  We'll be serving a delicious meal featuring fried chicken.  Make plans to stay and join us!  

We are taking great care to make sure that we meet in a super clean, and sanitized building.  Our chairs are spaced apart in family groups, to make being together but separate as comfortable as possible.  Sunday School is available for adults and children.  Find your place at 8:45!  The elementary age children are in Children's Church and the nursery is open.

If you haven't visited CCW, we'd love to have you!  Click on the I'm New Here button below for more information.  You're welcome anytime, but you can also schedule a visit, so we'll be looking for you!

Hope to see you this Sunday!Jesus is Awesome!
Pastor Danny Lovett

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