Pastor Danny Lovett's Weekly Blog 1/28/2021

Dear Church Family,

Polls from the Barna and Gallup organizations tell us there is little difference between the morals and lifestyles of Christians and non-Christians. I believe the absence of a focus on heaven is in large part of the blame.  When we lose sight of the fact that God has a wonderful destination prepared for those who are His, we start trying to create heaven on earth. We start investing our time and talent and treasure in creating a place that we know in our heart is what we were created for (Ecclesiastes 3:11). We know there is supposed to be a heaven; and when we stop seeking the biblical heaven, we try to create an earthly one. This Sunday we will be looking at Why Heaven is Such an Important Place for Christians.We are taking great care to make sure that we meet in a super clean, and sanitized building.  Our chairs are spaced apart in family groups, to make being together but separate as comfortable as possible.  Sunday School is available for adults and children.  Find your place at 8:45!  The elementary age children are in Children's Church and the nursery is open.  Many of the online ministry opportunities will continue to be available to you.  Check the church website for links.  It's awesome!

For your convenience, here are the instructions for joining us LIVE online.  Join us.    
  • To watch the services online, connect shortly before 10 am Sunday mornings to the CCW Facebook page:      OR     use the CCW app on your smart phone.
  • To give, connect to the website's giving page:
  • If you need help or prayer, call us, we are just a phone call away.  
Jesus is Awesome!
Pastor Danny Lovett

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