Pastor Danny Lovett\'s Weekly Blog 5-14-2020

Dear Church Family,

We're OPEN!    We'll be back inside the building this Sunday.  We are so excited!  Be assured, we will proceed cautiously.  The ushers will assist each family, so you can sit together as a family with appropriate spacing between us.  We have plenty of room as we've made preparations to use the foyer and the Children's area if needed for overflow.  Service will begin promptly at 10:00 am, but you may come early to get your seat.  It will be so good to be together for Worship and the Word!  "I was glad when they said to me, let us go unto the house of the Lord"  (Psalm 122:1).  

I'm sure you already know this about me, but in I’m kind of a Federal Express person. It absolutely must get there overnight!  Do you relate to this? Sometimes I wonder what I ever did without an iPhone. Have you ever thought what they did back in the days of Pony Express when the expected arrival of mail was one month? Now, here’s what I want you to know. When God develops you and me, he’s not in the FedEx business. You can't text character. You can't microwave the Fruit of the Spirit. It’s a process. It takes time and patience. The Bible word is long-suffering.  This Sunday we will look at how we develop patience in our lives, as we continue our series on Fruit That Remains.

We've learned so much about online ministry through this time of social isolation.  Many of these opportunities will continue to be available to you as we move toward our new normal.  Check the church website for links. Rick Wright, David and Amanda Roper, Barry Key, and Susan Lovett have been teaching LIVE on Facebook.  Don't miss what Anita Hardy and Dale & Linda Johnson have been posting in Facebook for the children!  It's awesome!

For your convenience, here are the instructions for joining us LIVE online.  Join us.    
  • To watch the services online, connect shortly before 10 am Sunday mornings to the CCW Facebook page:      OR     use the CCW app on your smart phone.
  • To give, connect to the website's giving page:
  • If you need help or prayer, call us, we are just a phone call away.  
Jesus is Awesome!
"Beep, beep!"

Love you!  

Pastor Danny Lovett

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