Danny Lovett\'s Weekly Blog 4/30/2020

Dear Church Family,

Join us in the parking lot for DRIVE-IN CHURCH or on Facebook Live for services this Sunday!    The Drive-In service is something you have to experience for yourself!  Even if we can't hug and share a meal, we can see each other, wave to one another, say, "I love you", and say "Amen" together with the beep-beep of our horns.  

Many times when we think of peace, we think of the word that the Jewish people use,  “Shalom,” which we think means peace. It also means, “order and well-being.” So when they say Shalom, they are blessing you with peace, order and well being in your life!  May you have a sense of security. May you have a sense of a foundation underneath your feet. This Sunday we are going to be continuing our series entitled Fruit That Remains:  PEACE.  Peace can be experienced in three ways for the believer in Jesus.  There is peace with God, peace of God, and peace on Earth.  

Many online opportunities are available to you for encouragement in the Word.  Check the church website for links. Rick Wright, David and Amanda Roper, Barry Key, and Susan Lovett have been teaching LIVE on Facebook.  Don't miss what Anita Hardy and Dale & Linda Johnson have been posting in Facebook for the children!  It's awesome!

For your convenience, here are the instructions for joining us LIVE during our times of isolation.  Join us as we worship and preach the Word!  
  • To watch the services online, connect shortly before 10 am Sunday mornings to the CCW Facebook page:   https://www.facebook.com/TheChurchAtCW/      OR     use the CCW app on your smart phone.
  • To give, connect to the website's giving page:  http://thechurchatcw.com/give
  • Drive-In Sunday services  at 10:00 am - weather permitting
  • If you need help or prayer, call us, we are still just a phone call away.  
Jesus is Awesome!
"Beep, beep!"

Love you!  

Pastor Danny Lovett

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