Pastor Danny Lovett\'s Weekly Blog 3/6/2020

Dear Church Family,

We continue our practical series on Everyday Christianity:  How to Live out Your Faith.  The focus  this week is Your Church!  Colossians 4:7-18 describes an organization composed of many members, varying in gifts and backgrounds, and yet one unit in that God uses us for one purpose, serving as a team and not separately.  Church history tells us that the Church has grown because everybody found their gift and utilized it for the glory of God.

This Sunday we will look at the makeup of the church and I trust the Spirit of God will show us that every role is essential.  The leader, whether the Apostle Paul, or myself and the pastoral staff, is responsible to equip the body for the work of the ministry, but the work of the ministry requires a large group of people for the work of the Church to be successful. This Sunday we will see how we can follow the example of the Church at Colossae, as they lived out their Christianity through their Church.

For our Fellowship Meal, we're serving Parmesan Chicken with Alfredo, Roasted Potatoes, Green Beans, Ravioli, Tossed Green Salad, and Garlic Bread.  Yum!  Bring your favorite side dishes to share Sunday. This is a great time to introduce yourself to someone and invite them to sit with you so you can chat over lunch.  Thank you for pitching in and helping with the set up of the tables and chairs, the serving of the food and the clean up. Many hands make light work!

Join CCW early every Sunday morning for Bible study at 8:45 am.  
I can't wait to see you Sunday!  
Jesus is Awesome!

Pastor Danny Lovett

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