Danny Lovett\'s Weekly Blog 2/20/2020

Dear Church Family,

Last Sunday, we began our new series on Everyday Christianity:  How to Live out Your Faith.   The area of focus for this week is YOU!  What does it mean to live out your faith every day?  What does it mean to have a testimony for the Lord?

James reminds us that life is “like a vapor, that appears for a little time” (James 4:14). We can learn two things from this statement.  One, life is short, and two, life is significant.  While we are here upon earth we “appear” before men and women for who you are. As short as your life is, it makes its own impact, in terms of behavior, influence, service, and sacrifice. As Paul puts it, “None of us lives to himself” (Romans 14:7). In this sense, each life is of tremendous significance. "You are writing a gospel, a chapter each day, by the deeds that you do and the words that you say.  Men read what you write, distorted or true. What is the gospel according to you?"  That little line of poetry has stuck with me for years to remind me that we are to be a living testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ every day, every where we go. So let your light shine!

For our Fellowship Meal,  we'll be sharing Poppyseed Chicken Casserole, with mashed potatoes, corn casserole, and green beans.  Bring your favorite side dishes to share Sunday. This is a great time to introduce yourself to someone and invite them to sit with you so you can chat over lunch.  Thank you for pitching in and helping with the set up of the tables and chairs, the serving of the food and the clean up. Many hands make light work!

Join CCW early every Sunday morning for Bible study at 8:45 am.  
I can't wait to see you Sunday!  
Jesus is Awesome!

Pastor Danny Lovett

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