Greatest Missionary ever freed

May 22, 2022    Pastor Rick Wright

Have you ever stood and watched something unbelievable? A sunset, the ocean, a rainbow, or a monument like the Grand Canyon? The feeling of looking at God's handiwork can best be described as awe-inspiring. There’s no doubt some things can only be attributed to an incredible God.

The transformation in Paul's life, mentioned In Galatians 1 and Acts 9, is as awe-inspiring as the masterpieces we see in creation. Saul’s (Paul) life was radically changed when he saw Jesus; he would be forever freed! Everybody could see a difference. His life was dramatically affected by an encounter with Jesus on the Damascus road. Nothing was the same for Saul, and it never would be again.

Join us this Sunday as we continue our new sermon series, Of Life and Liberty, to hear the testimony of "The Greatest Missionary ever Freed.”