Hope over Horror

Oct 22, 2023    Pastor Rick Wright

I love Daniel 's praise in Daniel 2:21-23, "And He changes the times and the season, He removes Kings, and raises up Kings. He gives wisdom and knowledge. I thank you and praise you." Someone who receives this might need to hear today God is in control! God is sovereign, using the righteous and the evil in the world to align things for good. God controlled the events in Daniel's day, God's hand is in the affairs of the Middle East right now, and He is in charge of your tomorrow. In Daniel 2, a nightmare scenario arises as King Nebuchadnezzar asks all the wise men of the land to tell him the interpretation of his dream or else die. The problem is he demands not only the interpretation, but they must also tell him the dream. Daniel, faced with the same challenge, responds with wisdom, counsel, and prayer bringing "Hope over the Horror." Join us this Sunday at 10 AM to see how the Steadfastness of Daniel continues.