Danny Lovett\'s Weekly Blog 7/25/2019
by Benji Wilson on July 30th, 2019
Dear Church Family,I am really looking forward to starting our new sermon series, “When Your World is Turned Up Side Down.”  This Sunday we will be looking at how life’s troubles can make us stronger. Most people go through life trying to avoid pain. We use money, medicine, and any other method to protect ourselves. Scripture teaches the opposite. While we aren’t to seek trouble or trials, when th...  Read More
Pastor Danny Lovett\'s Weekly Blog 7/11/2019
by Benji Wilson on July 15th, 2019
Be careful what you say. Proverbs 12:18 says "Reckless words pierce like a sword but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” Careless words can hurt people. Not only can they influence a person’s self-worth, they can actually shape a person’s destiny. Your words either build people up or tear them down. Solomon contrasted reckless words and wise words, one pierces and the other brings healing.  He...  Read More
Pastor Danny Lovett\'s Weekly Blog 7/4/2019
by Benji Wilson on July 8th, 2019
How do we have staying power when things look bleak? Hebrews 12:3, says “Keep your eyes on Jesus.” It’s difficult to endure hardship at the best of times, but when you don’t know why, it can be frustrating. God doesn’t give us lengthy explanations on how He works; He’s used to creating worlds with a single sentence. So when you don’t find immediate answers in His Word or through prayer or counsel ...  Read More
Pastor Danny Lovett\'s Weekly Blog 6/20/2019
by Benji Wilson on June 24th, 2019
It is significant that in Jesus’ parable of the sower, two of the three soils that failed to produce a crop represent people who did not know how to handle suffering. The rocky soil, pictures those who receive the word joyfully at first, but do not sink down roots, so that when affliction or persecution comes, they fall away. The thorny ground reflects those who seem to grow for a while, but then ...  Read More
Pastor Danny Lovett\'s weekly blog 6/13/2019
by Benji Wilson on June 17th, 2019
Good churches are hard to find! I often hear people. who were in a good church, share how they moved to a another town or community and seemed to have a great deal of trouble finding a healthy church. Sometimes. the church lacks vital worship. It's also possible that the fellowship could not find a pastor who faithfully preaches the Word. Sometimes the church is racked with dissension over petty i...  Read More
Pastor Danny Lovett\'s Weekly Blog 6/6/2019
by Benji Wilson on June 6th, 2019
How can we know if a trial is from the Lord, from Satan, or from our own making? How can we rejoice in trials when, honestly, we feel angry toward God? Is the anger natural or sinful? Is trusting God an impractical cliche or the most practical thing you can do in a trial?  A person who has gone through a horrible trial angrily asks, “How can you trust a God who allows this to happen?" This Sunday ...  Read More
Pastor Danny Lovett\'s Weekly Blog 5/30/2019
by Benji Wilson on June 5th, 2019
We are living in an extremely perverted age. Moral purity is fighting for its life. This world is steeped in its wicked debauchery as it seeks to serve and satisfy the desires of depravity. This could be expected from the world, but even many professing Christians have given in, surrendered to the moral contamination of the day. In chapter four of first Peter, we are reminded that if we are going ...  Read More
Pastor Danny Lovett\'s Weekly Blog 5/24/2019
by Benji Wilson on May 28th, 2019
1 Peter 3:18-22 shows us that the heart of the gospel is the fact that Jesus Christ who knew no sin, died for sinners. Peter closes this section on the unjust suffering of believers with the example of how Christ suffered unjustly to redeem the lost. Jesus’ atoning death forever eliminated the need for further sacrifices. When He died, the price for sin was fully paid, once and for all, by His she...  Read More
Pastor Danny Lovett\'s Weekly Blog 5/16/2019
by Benji Wilson on May 22nd, 2019
How do we honor God’s name? By doing His will on earth. Saint Francis once took a young monk with him to preach in town. But when they arrived they just chatted with vendors and talked to people on the street. Returning home, the novice asked Saint Francis why they hadn’t preached. He replied, “People listened; they observed our attitude and behavior. That was our message.” Paul writes “Take care ...  Read More
Pastor Danny Lovett\'s Weekly Blog 5/2/2019
by Benji Wilson on May 6th, 2019
I have been in the ministry a long time. I have seen a lot of Christians come and go, serve God and also drift away from Him. One of the crucial factors involved in the maturing process of the Christian is the issue of the believer’s relationship with others Christians. If we can learn to get along with other Christians, and be patient when other believers are a pain, then he or she will grow and ...  Read More
Pastor Danny Lovett\'s Weekly Blog 4/25/2019
by Benji Wilson on April 29th, 2019
In last week's Easter message, we looked at Luke 24, when the two disciples and Jesus were walking to Emmaus.  As the three approached the village at the conclusion of their trip, the couple begged the Lord to stay with them at their home since it was getting late. Jesus said yes and went home with them. As they sat together for the meal, the Lord took the bread, blessed it, and gave it to them. T...  Read More
Pastor Danny Lovett\'s Weekly Blog 4/18/2019
by Benji Wilson on April 22nd, 2019
Happy Easter Weekend!  This Sunday is the highest holy day for Christians.  We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus which is the foundation of our faith!  May you prepare your heart for this special day of worship!  Saturday, from 1-3 pm, everyone is invited to attend and minister at theEggStravaganza focused on children and families.  So many of you have signed up to work and bake cupcakes, you've...  Read More